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CourtroomWendy E Roberts, PLLC is a family law attorney who has been offering her expertise and services to clients in New Hampshire since 1997. With over a decade of providing professionalism, experience, and integrity, Attorney Roberts prides herself on her ability to achieve her client’s goals through the litigation process. Limiting her practice to family law, she lends you her expertise on divorce and separation, child custody and support, domestic violence, and more.

Attorney Roberts provides quality legal assistance, services, and representation to her clients with compassion, respect, and attention to every detail of each client’s unique situation. She is a solo practitioner, meaning you will deal with her one-on-one throughout your case and she is the one you can turn to for answers to all of your questions about family law.

For your legal needs, give Attorney Roberts a call at 603-684-2351.


Most people have limited, if any, experience with the legal profession and the court system. It is a new and confusing world which is often overwhelming, especially when added to the stress of presenting an important case. Typically, people are not at their best as they face the prospect of a courtroom struggle, especially during the emotionally charged times during divorce or when they are facing a court system that will determine how your children will be raised, which can be especially daunting.

The litigation process is based on the concept that each side is given equal opportunity to present their circumstances and the applicable law to an unbiased, knowledgeable, and attentive judicial officer. However, sometimes these parameters are not fulfilled and there is often the question of whom to trust. That is why our legal practice emphasizes not only excellence in the courtroom and with opposing parties, but the ability to work for and with clients as an advisor, counselor, confidant, and advocate.

Attorney Roberts makes it her priority to be responsive to clients, promptly returning inquiries and communicating about personal concerns as well as about legal issues and tactics. We recognize that you need to be kept informed about all aspects of your case and that, ultimately, you make the final decisions as to how your life will be affected. We can and will consult with you and keep you apprised of all developments and we respect that you have retained our legal services to assist you in making informed decisions.

Books and GavelThe Law Office of Wendy E Roberts, PLLC understands that the outcome of your case will have a profound effect on your life whether it involves a divorce, child custody, or any other aspect of family law. Attorney Roberts takes pride in her ability to listen intently to and respect all of her clients, utilizing creative strategies to meet their goals. You can rest assured that you and your family are her top priority.

For quality and caring legal assistance and representation in New Hampshire, call 603-684-2351 today!

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